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Tournament: Rook Endings

Black to move.

chess key position rooks

My second game was, for me, a beauty. As I approached this competition I was practicing my Scots Gambit and I was also trying to improve my rook endgames – this game gave me the opportunity to put into practice what I had been learning. The game was against someone I had drawn against at the last ‘Rookies Cup’ at Box Hill Chess Club, also with this opening. Here it is.



I wrote about the ‘Smoking Indian’ a few posts ago in which I played a rook endgame. On Sunday I once again faced the same player and again the game featured an unusual response to my Sicilian Defence and a rook endgame – all in a similar amount of moves. This game felt closer and I was glad to practice rook endings again.

Smoking Indian

Smoking Indian

About once a week I play a game at Box Hill Chess Club with a 60min + 30s/move time limit. I lost my game and my opponent said that I should have played the ‘Smoking Indian’. Our game started with a Sicilian from me which transposed into a Morra gambit from him and I thought a ‘smoking indian’ was an obscure line that was associated with this opening. It wasn’t, instead it was a comment about the endgame. After their 34th move I should have just done nothing active according to my opponent. I should have been like one of those native americans on old cigar boxes sitting back and smoking my peace pipe and taking on a defence strategy. And after his 34th move things looked drawn and later computer analysis shows this to be drawn with a .59 advantage to white. So what went wrong? Here is the game.

So I’m not sure that the ‘Smoking Indian’ was the solution. Instead I should have understood that it was more important to let go of my central pawn and have an active rook that sought out counter play.

Here is how the engine would have played it.