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Keepin’ on keeping on


In my post titled ‘Strategy’ I showed an example of a game that I thought I had played well. It had reached move 32 as per the diagram below and I felt I had an easy win and the game would be over in the next few moves. The game went on for another 28 moves and demonstrated to me that a strong player will still look for opportunities that can be dangerous. The last 28 moves are analysed below without a computer

Tuesday’s Game Analysis


On Tuesday I played chess with a friend called Tom. I’m very lucky to have someone who plays at the same level as me and our games are close. Usually our games end at around the 30 move mark, this Tuesdays the game was longer and moved into an end game. After the game I asked Tom if he would analyse it from his point of view and I would analyse it from mine. Here are his comments followed by my analysis (I did the analysis before his comments).

“I focused on 2 moves that felt wrong during the game (skipping the opening, I need to do more research in how to respond to the scotch). Move 13 …Nh5 I noted with a ? during the game – as this lost a pawn straight away. Better was Nd7, looking to sink the knight in c5 next move. The next move that I was uncertain about during the game was 18 …f5. I couldn’t find anything better here, but the next move 19 …fxe was probably wrong f4 would have been more forceful (I think I was trying to get material back!).”


Not A Miniature

Anand Karpov

I have posted a few miniatures and some open King’s Gambit games so I thought it would be good, as we approach the World Championship, to post a long positional game between Viswanathan Anand and Anatoly Karpov.

and a great game that Anand won



(Click on notation for board to appear and to play through moves)

I have just resigned a game, as black, in my ICCF webserver tournament. The game included a long endgame in which I had a king, a rook and four pawns  to his king, rook and five pawns. My gut feeling is that it should have been drawn but I just wasn’t able to achieve this. I have jumped to move 29 which follows 28. …bxc5 so that I can focus on the endgame. I have put some notes into my game without using a computer. Then, at the base of this post, I have analysed the ending using a computer to play itself to see what could have happened.

I’ve looked at many different variations from move 28.bxc5 but if white plays well then I think my initial gut feeling is wrong and a draw is impossible to achieve.


I set up the move 29 position on SCID vs. PC software and allowed the stockfish 4 engine run for about 30 seconds before pressing enter and forcing the move. The result was this:

Maybe there was a draw but it seems very hard to achieve.

And eerily enough this puzzle popped up on chess.com