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A Loss And A Win


I lost against a six year old last week. That concludes the loss segment of this post.

I also won against a player with a FIDE rating of 1600+ in a long format competition game. This is my best result to date and I was happy with how I played. I later went through it with an engine and there were no glaring errors. Often I chose a move that wasn’t listed by the engine but this only ever dropped my evaluation down by 0.4 or less (1 being the loss of a pawn). I also felt I was ahead for most of the game but I couldn’t convert it until I managed a little tactic. Here is the game.

But I did lose to a 6 year old!

Their Kingdom For A Horse


If the King is exposed attack him. In this game I felt I had a strong centre and pieces that could be quickly activated, a position that was good enough to allow a sacrifice to expose his King.


Did you know there is trap in this opening? It think it goes 1.d4 d5 2.c4 dxc4 (premature capture) 3.e3 b5 4.Qf3 d5 5.a5 and it is hard to defend for black to defend the Rook. anyway its been awhile since I saw it, but if you put pressure on his premature pawn thrust- I’m sure you can eventually gain at least a minor piece.

otherwise I enjoyed game! thanks for posting it.

Hi Jason, Thank you for the comment! 4. …d5 doesn’t seem to work. I’m wondering if this is the trap? It looks like it works:

exactly! of course not d5, and now after 5…..a6 6. a4xb5…. and black cannot take the pawn. more pawns are likely to be taken and black’s position is terrible.