Monthly Archives: July 2015

Not All Is Quiet On The Western Front

I haven’t posted for nearly a month but chess has been happening. In that time my son was in the state junior competition where he didn’t do a s well as expected and that, combined with my own recent thrashing (see ‘Getting Over Getting Thrashed’), has possibly meant a ‘down’ period and reduced blogging. But I did go to my Tuesday club where I won an incredibly attacking King’s Gambit – I gave away a Knight and then a Rook early on for positional advantage, and won – and that was fun. My son and I have also had a couple of games at home where he has enjoyed beating me and that pleased him so we’re on our way up again. I have been playing online a bit and using the Kings Gambit as white and the Scandinavian as black. In both cases I am playing very attacking and somewhat careless chess moves but the games are enjoyable.

Speaking of enjoyable games here is a recent beauty reviewed by one of my favourite online chess commentators.