CHESS 120921 023 copyI have been playing chess sporadically since I was a kid. Firstly when I was 8 for about a year then later at university I played for a couple of years with friends. During this time I remember backpacking around and playing chess in different places – I always lost but I must have been enthusiastic because I bought a chess clock and a Batsford Chess Openings book that I didn’t understand. I started work and there were two people who played chess in the office; one was better, the other worse. We played chess at lunch, on and off, for a year. At this time, in the early nineties, chess was being played online at ICC and other places, I had a go but never really got into it. Finally I moved to Melbourne and had a son. I wanted to avoid using video games or TV as a way for my son to pass the time so when he was five I started to teach him chess. This sparked my interest in chess again and of course now the internet was so much more chess friendly – there were multiple chess playing sites, videos, blogs, etc. I joined and started playing 10 minute blitz matches and occassionally using the rest of their site; chess mentor, videos, tactics trainer to get better. I have also used other sites such as shredder and chess tempo to improve my tactical ability. Unfortunately my son is getting better but I’m not. So I am going to try to improve the way I learn and enjoy chess. I plan to do this by playing more slowly, by thinking more carefully and by playing people rather than computers. The ‘POSTS’ page describes this process and other chess stuff. The ‘ANALYSIS’ page shows a game and the thought process behind it.